Online Poker Software updates

Recently a new update was made on PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker. Adding the normal performance updates you might find a few new sites upgrades.

On Full Tilt poker released a new patch that fixed it's numerous problems for it's PC and Mac clients with login issues.

PokerStars development team had an amazing develop sprint since August. With this latest updates took some of the LAG problems out of commission. Full Tilt Poker updates created some problems to third party software developed poker tools. Some websites for player tracking are having some issues, for example

But all this is necessary, to improve our experience in online poker games.

Million Dollar Cash Game @ Full Tilt Poker

Last 18 of September the four season of the Million Dollar Cash Game, of the Full Tilt Poker in London, keeps the tradition of the game with the highest payout. This year's event had a price of 1,1 Million dollars. The high rollers this year had to wage US$100K, but this value didn't scare this famous high rollers, Phil Ivey, Chris Fergunson, Gus Hansen, Mile Matusou, Allen Cunningham, Patrik Antonius and Tom "durrrr" Dwan the sensational online poker player.

A faboulous All-in against Phil Ivey gave Dwan the final prize of $1,1M dollars. Dawn had bet $240K, after a long decision Ivey said the wrong words: "I am all in". Dwan showed a straight to 6 which was the nut's hand. Ivey showed a straight to 5, giving the victory to Tom "durr" Dwan. Which is now enjoying $1,1M.

The Million Dollar Cash Game will be exhibited by Sky Sports on  2010 in January.

Online Poker the History

Online poker  is responsible for the new wave of poker players worldwide. The market started at $82M  and as already passed  the $3billions. The number of poker players worldwide trippled , due to the possibility of only losing a couple of dollars online. Instead of going into a casino and lose everything you got.
This proved to be the advantage of online poker. But boosted the number of tournaments made by casinos and the number of players playing poker in casinos.

The bonuses that some of the online poker houses do , are very agressive marketing, they double the value in the account sometimes up to $500. for example does that.

It is quite impressive to see the evolution of this market. Legally is where we see more evolution , England was one of the first to completly legalize online poker. But on the United states it is still a problem , only one bill was passed on North Dakota. A bill which forced the online poker houses to be registed on  North Dakota.

More will soon come on the online poker world.

Poker @ the Sky

Jorgensen won the the fantastic PartyPoker in the Sky event. The 24 year old journalist, from Copenhagen, beat out 21 players to win the World Open V in London package. The value is only a 13K$, but the event is something to remember.

The poker players where suspended 50 meters above Copenhagen. This added something to the game which Jorgensen used on his behalf. Some of the players appeared to be discomfortable with the situation, so they tended to play poker agressively, like they wanted to leave. Jorgensen saw that flaw and he used that to win in some occasions, due to his hobby which is Bungee Jumping.

He played very well on this event, but let's see what he does on the World Open V, it isn't going to be 50 meters above London, so he isn't going to take that advantage. And it isn't Online poker as well so let's all hope he gets to the final table.

Live Dealer Blackjack

When card decks were invented, it was a great day indeed.

Card games are amazing in the sense that you can have fun and get paid for it, while playing your favorite games. So, as you may have guessed I'm not only into poker, there are many other games I like. Among others, and between the favorite, blackjack!

And one of the sites I prefer to use, with its great live dealer blackjack, is one I found a while ago, of live BlackJack in the UK. Go visit and try it for yourself, in my opinion real people beats 3D graphics anytime: Lucky Live Blackjack. It even has other games to play, with live dealers, including poker.

So lately, I've been going after those awesome live blackjack bonuses, as you know money is always welcome.

Jack Ury The oldest WSOP player

We all know Jack Ury from the WSOP. He is a great player depending only on one eye and a faulty ear. He plays poker since he was 10.  He is a bit slow making is decisions , but he can get some people on the bad side. And he is slow giving the cards and he can tell you he is losing , but who knows you aren't getting slowrolled. ;)

Keeping track

It is always a good idea to keep tabs on your money and where/how you spend it, if you want to avoid getting into debt and having to worry about saving to get out of it. In Poker, it's no different. If you're serious about the game, you will want to approach it like a business, seeking indicators to improve. Records of money and other vital factors are fundamental.

So, why keep records in Poker? First of all, how else would you know if you're succeeding or not? You should keep track of your win/loss rates: how much you're making or breaking, divided by how many hours you're playing. You should also keep notes on other people you play against; this can not only help you if you play them again, but it can also allow you to capture the best traits and techniques that you encounter throughout your poker career.

Even in those bad times when you lose a lot, and you may not feel like recording a game... do it anyway. It's only for your benefit, for you to be able to identify specific aspects of your gameplay that you need to work on. Everytime you improve, as a consequence of those times where you picked up your notebook and wrote, you'll be glad you did.

It's Poker Halloween

Chris Ferguson

What kind of poker player are you, when it comes to your tells? Perhaps you've noticed: lots of players sit at the table wearing hats, caps, sunglasses, you name it.

Ever wonder why? Nope, it's not just Vegas fever. It isn't Fashion Week either. Those items are a strategy, employed by players of various levels, to avoid being "read" by experienced players.

Theory has it that some talented players can pick up on the slightest signs from opponent's faces and body language in general, your "tells", in order to unmask the worth of their hands and leave them vulnerable. So, if you're not sure about how cool you can be at the poker table, about how well you can keep a poker face (no connection with Lady Gaga), then by all means, wear hat and glasses. If you're very unsure, heck, wrap yourself in bandages like the invisible man.

Be creative. But above all, be on your best game with all the strategies you can muster. And if someone bothers you about it, you'll at least have the comfort of knowing you're doing it to improve your odds at the table, where the action really is.

George Danzer wins a braclet at WCOOP

The World Championship Of Online Poker 2009 at Poker Stars reached the end with George Danzer winning the final table.

Danzer , who had some problems on the beginning,  won a great pot with a marvelous all in hand, winning with a straight against a two pairs. This proved to be the recovery point of  a tought final. He left kunkku out on the last hand and winning the championship braclet. The prize pool of this championship was $654K , there where almost 1000 players and the buy in was $320. 

The final board was:

1. George Danzer - $109,545
2. kunkku - $81,750
3. Shawn “buck21” Buchanan - $62,130
4. TheTaker - $42,510
5. badbanker70 - $28,056.60
6. Kevin “parksy1066” Parkes - $19,620

Poker @ Betfair

Playing online poker is a everyday job routine. So what is my favorite online poker provider?

The answer is easy. There isn't one! I work with many houses, like PokerStars , Full Tilt Poker and Betfair.

This last one is not well known in poker, it is mostly used for betting on sports. But playing poker on Betfair is quite lucrative. Why? Mainly because,  it's easier to find new beginners on real money tables. They created a promotion where they give 500$ on the sign up. It is quite good for me to see Betfair give so much money to a beginner. So when  I normally find them on the tables, waiting to be caught, I just sit and smile to myself.

If you feel you are a standard poker player, go get them at!